Place your bets

It's that time, folks. Place your bets for the following races. Some are easy and will carry less weight in calculating your final score. Though Diebold is not involved in tabulating the results, I will decide who deserves to win and manipulate the results accordingly.

Copy and paste into comments or email dlcinci AT Dont' forget to leave your name. (And your SSN, your mother's maiden name and your ATM pin.)

US Senate:

Pennsylvania - Casey or Man-on-dog
Ohio - Brown or DeWine
Virginia - Webb or Macaca
Tennessee - Corker or Playboy
Rhode Island - Chafee or Whitehouse
Montana - Tester or Burns-baby-burns
Connecticut - Lamont or Loserman
Maryland - Cardin or Steele
New Jersey - Menendez or Kean
Missouri - McCaskill or Talentless

US House:

Total Dem Gain -

OH-1 - Combover or Cranley
OH-2 - Cut-and-run or Wulsin
KY-4 - Davis or Lucas

Ohio Races:

Governor - Too easy. Don't bother.
Attorney General - Dann or Montgomery
Secretary of State - Brunner or Hartmann
Treasuer - Cordray or O'Brien

Issue 3 - Slot machine gambling Y/N
Issue 4 - Smoking ban except almost everywhere Y/N
Issue 5 - Smoking ban in public places Y/N
Issue 12 - County jail tax Y/N
Issue 13 - Children's Services Levy Renewal Y/N
Issue 14 - Health/Hosp. Levy Renewal Y/N

State Rep 28 - Pillich or Raussen
State Rep 29 - Blessing or Gray
State Rep 34 - Silver or Brinksmanship-gone-wild
State Rep 35 - Adams or Schneider
State Sen 7 - Schuler or Smith

Hamilton County Commissioner - Pepper or Assbag
Ohio State Court of Appeals - Dinkelacker or O'Reilly (not Bill)

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