Let the Madness begin!

Sorry Ritchie, I was getting itchy to start the predictions, so I'll lay mine out. Everyone feel free to lay yours out there as well (remember, this is what I think will happen, not what I want to happen, keep your shorts on if you don't like what I say):

Ted Strickland

Attorney General
Betty Montgomery

Secretary of State
Jennifer Brunner

U.S. House District 1
Steve Chabot

U.S. House District 2
Jean Schmidt (if the Dems pick off one of the two it's 60/40 that this one will be it, I just don't think that district wants to pull the trigger on a Dem in the end)

U.S. House District 4 (Kentucky)
Geoff Davis (not sure that Ken Lucas would be much better)

Ohio House/Senate Races
Of the five contested that I can think of (Steve Silver, Rick Smith, Brent Gray, Connie Pillich, Karen Adams), I will say we win two of the five. In a vacuum each is very winable, but elections don't take place in vacuums; they take place in teeny-tiny voting booths.

Hamilton County Commissioner
David Pepper

Ohio State Court of Appeals
Jim O'Reilly

U.S. Senate Races
Pennsylvania - Bob Casey (bye bye man-on-dog)
Ohio - Sherrod Brown (but closer than you think)
Virginia - Jim Webb (never would have thought this a month ago)
Tennessee - Bob Corker (they're just not ready for Ford)
Rhode Island/Montana - one goes Dem, one goes Rep, I'll guess Sheldon Whitehouse wins RI and Conrad Burns wins MT
Connecticut - Joe Lieberman
Maryland - Ben Cardin
New Jersey - Robert Menendez
Missouri - complete and total toss-up, but I will guess Jim Talent

U.S. House Races
My guess is similar to CQ's; it's either going to be a 15-20 seat gain, or 30+. If one of the shaky ones in the 20's falls, they all should.

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