Would you like some DeWhiny with your cheese?

Word out of the NYT (I'm linking through TPM since I'm not sure if it's subscription or not) is that the national party has pulled the remainder of its funding for Mike DeWine, citing a trend in polling that shows Sherrod Brown building a larger and larger lead over the senator. DeWine still has a fairly large war chest of his own.

My thought: I'm absolutely stunned. I fully expected this to be a toss-up at best for the Dems. And it still could be, given DeWine's complete disregard for decency, truth, and decorum (read: let's just throw a ton of shit at him and see what happens). But for the party to up and walk away from this one is extremely surprising.

Interestingly, they're now putting everything into Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia, three races that six months ago you would have chalked up as red. Now if we could just get them concerned enough about Arizona to split their cash four ways, I'd be happy.
UPDATE: Josh Marshall chimes back in, saying that just because the party pulls funding doesn't mean they've given up, only that they don't feel more money would do any good. Umm, I guess. Clearly DeWine is not doing well enough in the polls to justify them putting it in the win column and ending funding. And if they'd rather spend money on Macaca than DeWine, that speaks volumes to me. Not saying it's 100% over, but it sure feels like a 90% concession at least.

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