The Politics of Science, Continued

It's hard to count the ways the Republican leadership has willfully distorted science, from pressuring folks at NASA and the NOAA to deliberately delaying lifesaving drugs like Plan B. Scientists and Engineers for America, previously written about here, is dedicated to making sure we have the science policies we need. There are two people representing the organization on Colbert and NPR today. They have great stories to tell and, in one case, you can ask your own questions!

The Colbert Report throughout the day

Last Night, Dr. Peter Agre, 2003’s Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, talked about SEA with Steven Colbert on Comedy Central. It should be rebroadcast today at the regular times including 2:30PM and 7:30PM.

Talk of the Nation Science Friday Today on WVXU at 2PM

Dr. Susan Wood is Talk of the Nation’s guest for the entire hour on NPR. Dr. Wood resigned from the Food and Drug Administration on principle over the continued delay of approval of Plan B by the FDA.

Please call Talk of the Nation at (800) 989-8255 with questions and comments for Dr. Wood.

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