The mentally ill are "funny," according to Kings Island

Kings Island needs to understand that we are NOT going to be going away. Their rep even had the audacity to characterize the ads’ images as "the most innocent of portrayals, such as the standard Halloween witch," in response to our campaign to have them remove these horrible exhibits, entitled "Aslyum" and "Psychopath." We sincerely doubt that portrayal of persons with other brain disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease, in a similarly insensitive and callous manner would have ever been considered, and would certainly not be compared by any reasonable person to that of a “Halloween witch.” Obviously, profits are way more important to Kings Island than DOING THE RIGHT THING.

Please help to show support and GET THEM TO DO THE RIGHT THING. NUMBERS COUNT!! Send this letter - Copy & Paste to, (Feel free to add or write your own letter!):

Dear Ms. Alexakos and Ms. Crum,

As concerned citizens in the Cincinnati area we are writing to express our great concern and outrage at the way in which the mentally ill are being portrayed in the media campaign of Kings Island and its current event “Fearfest.” These are not “harmless,” “fun” or “funny” exhibits which should be used to entertain. They DO make light of mental illness and promote extremely harmful stereotypes exactly at the time in which we need more understanding of the fact that mental illness is a very real, medical illness – a biologically-based brain disorder which can be successfully controlled with the proper medications and professional help. We would never stand for depictions of cancer patients or those suffering from Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease in an “entertainment” exhibit, and so we are not going to stand for it in this case either.

Many of us work in social services and have ongoing contact with those who need mental health services. These stereotypes and backwards depictions of real human beings only serve to create more social stigma, prevent more people from receiving help, and create an environment of misunderstanding and fear surrounding mental illness. We ask that you immediately pull all advertising as well as these two exhibits from your FearFest event. With your help, we can all enjoy Kings Island’s event for what it is meant to be – a relaxing and fun time for family and friends which does not offend or do damage to our society’s members.

Thank you.


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