Daily KOS Drinking Liberally in Cincinnati

I guess I will have to start the blog on this one... please fill in the details.

Markos came, he saw and he drank (Sierra Nevada).

The crowd was good, a mix of new and old. (I mean that in every way possible.) We all shared something in common. We are tired of the status quo!

Markos came in and talked to individuals for a long while, he was very attentive, and solicitous; I was pleaseantly surprised. I wouldn't agree with Oprah, but he does radiate a stage precence and is an attractive man. (Not as hot as JK.)

From his impromptu stage, (a chair), Markos addressed the crowd, beer in hand and talked about strategy, how voters pick candidates, not issues. So why issues might be important to us, they are not important to voters at large.

He talked about what our side needs to do is have a strategy. The strategy argument hit a chord with me. I think that is something we are sadly lacking in the Democratic Party.

He talked about the hypocracy of Punditocracy. How the Sunday Morning quarterbacks slap each other on the back and make play dates for the kids off the air, and then turn around and scream at each other and rail against the other party on camera.

Markos entertained questions from the audience. From what can we do in the long run, to what can we do now. He made a pitch for volunteers for Connie Pillich for State Rep and said register people to vote (which you can do till Oct 10th) and to fill out your absentee ballot requests. (Absentee voting begins Tuesday.)

He spoke for a long while, I'll give you an opportunity to blog what you remember. But I have to tell you one more thing. Rick Smith, candidate for State Senate, and DL favorite had to leave before Markos was finished speaking, and as he brushed pass Markos he haded him a business card and a button, and said "I guarentee you I have the most fun website of any candidate" and with that he left. Markos immediately put on Rick's button. (photo above.)

So to slaughter a phrase from Rick Smith's campaign "Markos, a blogger your father would like."

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