How low will the wingnuts go?

The religious right is running scared. Ken Blackwell is trailing Ted Strickland by double digits no matter how hard he tries. So what do the wingnuts do? Run hit pieces in right-wing rags like WorldNetDaily (WND) speculating about Strickland's sexual orientation! If you read the whole piece, you'll quickly realize there's no substance to it. But lack of substance has never stopped these right wing zealots at WND or the author of the hit-piece Jerome Corsi. So what exactly is Jerome Corsi's connection to Ken Blackwell?

WND is run by a basket-case called Joseph Farah and is essentially a bunch of links thrown together on a couple of pages, with some nutty commentary thrown in. The website is so out there that you have to see it to believe it. (One headline reads: "Shock a Muslim. With the Truth.") WND also publishes wingnut books that it hawks on the website. One of WND's favorite writers is Jerome Corsi, a plagiarist with a Ph.D. from Harvard in political science. As it turns out, "Dr." Corsi is also an anti-muslim and anti-catholic bigot, an idiot who claims oil is not a fossil fuel, and a dishonest hack who co-authored the swift boat book on Kerry. MediaMatters has more on him. Put all of these wonderful qualities together and you get ... Ken Blackwell's friend and co-author! That's right, folks, Blackwell recently wrote a book called "Rebuilding America" with "Dr." Jerome Corsi. I am not going to link to it, you can find it yourself if you are so inclined.

So, there you have it. Ken Blackwell, George Bush's lapdog and self-proclaimed defender of morals, is losing. Badly. His strategy to steal this election is to get his hack-friends in the wingnut media to start rumors about his opponent. Way to go, Kenny! What a paragon of virtue you are!

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