Why a woman should never vote for Blackwell

In the article referenced in the below post, many of Ken Blackwell's right-wing policy points are laid out. Let's look at a couple of them and try and make a connection:
  • Opposes abortion under any circumstances, including rape and incest
  • Opposes the Family Medical Leave Act
Interesting confluence of opinions. So let's create a situation below:

Let's say you're a working single woman, maybe in your late 20's. A horrific event occurs, and you are attacked and raped. A couple months later you find out that you became pregnant as a result of that attack.

In the world of Blackwell, not only are you required to carry that child to term, but, if you decide to keep the baby, your job has no responsibility to pay you while you are recovering and nursing your child, nor do they even have to require that your job be available when you are ready to return.

You can see how this would ruin a woman's life. Not only does she have to cope with the horror of being raped, but now she has to go through the ordeal of carrying the baby and then not having a job after she gives birth. And this doesn't just have to be a single woman, it could create the same level of horror among a married couple as well.

Is this an option that any woman would think is reasonable? Most people would want to move forward; Blackwell wants to take us back to the dark ages.

So let me state it clearly: if you are female and you vote for Blackwell, YOU ARE A FOOL!

I hope the Strickland campaign picks up on this connection and beats Blackwell over the head with it at every possible opportunity.

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