The Enquirer (hearts) Ken Blackwell

Check out the title of the Metro front page article in today's Enquirer, which is a "comparison" of gubernatorial candidates Ted Strickland and Ken Blackwell:

Are you fucking serious? Who exactly has even suggested that Strickland is anything close to extreme? A simple examination of his record shows he's a very moderate Democrat.

Moreover, a simple examination of Blackwell's record, as well as public statements and his platform, shows that he is so far to the extreme right that even moderate republicans are turned off by him.

Now granted, the article does acknowledge these facts (just a thought; you know your candidacy is in trouble when the only person they can find to speak on your behalf is filthy Phil Burress), but the damage is done when you splatter that stupid headline right over Strickland's picture. Most voters will likely look at that, say to themselves "great, two nutballs running for governor", and not pay any further attention, and that's a shame.

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