Interview with Jim O'Reilly

On Monday, Drinking Liberally spoke with Democratic candidate for the Court of Appeals Jim O'Reilly at the Hyde Park Graeters. You can download the interview at

Note that judicial candidates are prohibited from speaking about certain things during the campaign. Here's a portion of the email I got from Jim when we set up the interview:

The judge candidate rules in Canon 7 of the Ohio Supreme Court make it a serious violation (penalties up to the loss of your law license) to make false or misleading statements, and it is a violation, tho lesser, to discuss matters likely to come before the court, e.g. criminal sentencing, abortion, city conflict issues, etc. So there are some I will need to avoid.

We can talk about ideas for improving the appeals court, ways to involve young people, improve the public's faith in the fairness of the justice system, etc.

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