Workin' For The Weekend - Jumping the Shark

First, a couple cleanup items. As always, please pass along any potential Friday topics to the WFTW mailbox. And second, remember, 15 days until Loverboy! lists the definition of jumping the shark as "the defining moment where you know a television show has reached its peak". But I think this can apply to any area of life. So what's your favorite 'Jump The Shark' moment?

Here's some to get you started:

Diff’rent Strokes –Dudley getting molested
Joe Lieberman – Joe-mentum
Saved By The Bell – Tori
90210 – the Kelly/Brandon non-wedding
WCW – the ridiculous ascent of Goldberg
Van Halen – OU812
Star Wars series – Jar Jar Binks
Love Monkey – episode 1
NBA Slam Dunk contest – Kenny Walker wins

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