Workin' For The Weekend - Word Up

Pop culture has given us many expressions that describe everyday events that we never had a name for, such as the low-talker, or floopiness. Or it’s created names that have unfortunately penetrated our culture, such as TomKat, or K-Fed, or my personal favorite, The Hoff. So this week’s topic is to find your favorite pop culture expression.

I’m going way off the board for mine. My personal favorite is:

Claven (n.) – 1. A technically accurate, but nonetheless incorrect answer to a question, 2. a suicidal betting strategy where greed overcomes common sense

Here’s where it comes from: there was an episode of Cheers back in 1990 where Cliff appeared on Jeopardy, and he was just killing the other two contestants. When the final jeopardy question came up, he decided to play risky and bet everything. The answer given was "Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz, Lucille LeSueur". When it got over to Cliff, he confidently revealed his question, which was “Who are three people that have never been in my kitchen?”. Needless to say, the answer was deemed incorrect, and the term was born.

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