Will they ever learn?

You knew it was going to happen at some point but the architects of the Project for the New American Century have begun to reassess the administration's policies. And what have they determined? Do they realize that using the military to solve all problems with no planning is creating more instability and terrorism in the world? Do they now admit that we wasted the opportunities given to us in the days following 9/11, when the majority of the world was showing solidarity with us? Do they finally see that diplomacy needs to be given opportunities to work before we resort to violence?

Unfortunately, the answer is none of the above. It seems that the answer they have come up with is that the reason we have lost control of the situation in the Middle East, in particular, is that the administration has begun to work with allies. Are you kidding me?

This is the same old story with this crowd. Screw something completely up and blame it on wussy liberal policies. Same lesson they learned from Vietnam. They think we lost the war because of the anti-war crowd, and a lack of resolve. A resolve for what? The lesson they should have learned was that failed policies need to be stopped immediately no matter how embarrasing. How many times do these people have to be wrong until the public stops buying their garbage?

Here is an excellent analysis of the situation. And, somewhat related, don't miss this letter from Ralph Nader to the President, turning the tables on his perplexing image as a tough commander.

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