Travels with Cosmo, Fifth Installment

Or drive until the dog farts...

This installment is a taste of South Dakota. It's not all crazy anti-abortion people. It was surprisingly pituresque. Well that's for you to decide.
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The first sighting of Mt Rushmore

On closer inspection it's a cola machine.

Goats and Amish Girls at Mt. Rushmore.
Who knew?

The real thing.

On to Crazy Horse.

We got to see two blasts. I'll upload the video of the blast next week.

Scenic Drive

Mt. Goats

Pronghorn and baby.

Eye of Needle in Cuter State Park SD

Before you see the needle you have to pass through this tunnel. 8ft wide, 11 ft high.

After squeezing throught the needle then you get the reward of this beautiful lake.
(Did they shoot part of King Kong here?)

Till next time....

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