Debunking the "50 greatest conservative songs", part 12 - The ones they can keep

The following are the tunes that may or may not carry a conservative message or in kind terms, just plain suck. These are the ones that we threw back, kind of the entrails of the rock-n-roll world.

4. “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

NRO Take: A tribute to the region of America that liberals love to loathe, taking a shot at Neil Young’s Canadian arrogance along the way: “A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow.”

DL Take: These are the guys that gave us that obnoxious redneck chant, “Play Freebird!” “Sweet Home Alabama” is one of the definitive redneck songs of all time. One of the verses of this song is written in response to Neil Young’s song, “Southern Man” which is a song about racism in the South. Apparently Lynyrd Skynyrd is all about segregation.

9. “Don’t Tread On Me” – Metallica

NRO Take: A head-banging tribute to the doctrine of peace through strength, written in response to the first Gulf War: “So be it / Threaten no more / To secure peace is to prepare for war.”

DL Take: I thought they wrote the song after getting pissed off about the whole Napster deal. I have never seen anyone as angry as Metallica when they found that people were taking their music. C’mon, you want people to pay for it?

From whining about file sharing to their self-absorbed movie, “Some Kind Of Monster”, Metallica leaves a bad taste in your mouth. No, I say the conservatives can have this bunch of narcissistic crybabies.

16. “Get Over It” – The Eagles

NRO Take: Against the culture of grievance: “The big, bad world doesn’t owe you a thing.” There’s also this nice line: “I’d like to find your inner child and kick its little ass.”

DL Take: The real conservative comes out in Miller when he calls the verse, “I’d like to find your inner child and kick its little ass” a nice line. This song is just bad all the way around from lines like, “Lets kill all the lawyers, kill em tonight” to lines that you know are written for conservatives, “Complain about the present and blame it on the past.” I mean, isn’t that what they are all doing? The current problems are because of the Democratic minority and the past problems are because of Clinton? How many times have you heard that? Yep. Keep it.

26. “Capitalism” – Oingo Boingo

NRO Take: “There’s nothing wrong with Capitalism / There’s nothing wrong with free enterprise. . . . You’re just a middle class, socialist brat / From a suburban family and you never really had to work.”

DL Take: I did a lot of research into this song and found that the majority do believe that this song and the album, “Only A Lad” has a libertarian message and a somewhat pro-conservative message. But, to be fair to Oingo Boingo, most of their music is upbeat and fun and does not contain any political message whatsoever.

It is very painful for me to tell them they can have this one. The first concert I ever went to was an Oingo Boingo concert and it does disturb me that they do not completely share my political views. It’s okay Oingo Boingo, my family doesn’t share my views either and I still love them.

29. “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” – Iron Maiden

NRO Take: A heavy-metal classic inspired by a literary classic. How many other rock songs quote directly from Samuel Taylor Coleridge?

DL Take: Now, I am definitely not an expert on Coleridge, but what I know about him is that he was a political radical. He believed in things such as women’s suffrage back well before the suffrage movement. He also planned a socio-political movement which was a young group living in America, communal style. A utopian like environment. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Miller the same guy that put a song on the list because it was anti-utopian? Isn’t he the same guy who touts the fall of communism? Isn’t communism in its most simplistic form shared resources among a common group of people? A commune, so to speak?

Nevertheless, this song has absolutely no political message to it. It is a story about the sea and a mariner. It appears to have no hidden agenda other than it was inspired by a story written by a man who had strong political views.

It’s a long song, it’s boring, and it’s Iron Maiden. If it will make Miller happy, he can keep it.

47. “One” – Creed

NRO Take: Against racial preferences: “Society blind by color / Why hold down one to raise another / Discrimination now on both sides / Seeds of hate blossom further.”

DL Take: It doesn’t really matter what the true meaning of the song is. Creed SUCKS!

49. “Abortion” – Kid Rock

NRO Take: A plaintive song sung by a man who confronts his unborn child’s abortion: “I know your brothers and your sister and your mother too / Man I wish you could see them too.”

DL Take: Out of all of the songs on the list that Miller claims are about abortion, this is probably the only anti-choice song out of the bunch. Kid Rock has appeared at Republican functions and supported Bush in 2004. This guy is one whacked out Republican. He fits in just fine. Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican even mentioned Kid Rock last week during the debate on the flag desecration amendment stating that Kid Rock has been to Republican functions and if flag burning is desecration, what is it called when Kid Rock wears the flag of the United States as a poncho?

Kid Rock is definitely a conservative idiot. Yes, you can keep him.

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