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Some days when I open the Enquirer I have trouble believing my eyes. Today Peter Bronson pronounces that after 16 straight years of total Republican monopoly of the Ohio Governor's mansion and legislature, the problem has been that those weren't "real" Republicans. Astounding; when it all goes sour, claim those Republicans were really Democrats.

Today Ohio lags the nation in job growth. We've lost 126,0000 jobs in the last five years. Ohio leads the nation in new college graduates leaving the State to seak opportunity elsewhere. Our school systems and universities are lacking for funds while at the same time deficits in the State Budget have continued; that in the face of high taxes as well. The Workman's Compensation Fund is missing as much as $13,000,000 that were under the management of convicted felon and coin dealer Tom Noe, also one of George Bush's largest campaign contributors in Ohio. The current Republican Governor, Bob Taft, holds the dubious distinction of achieving the lowest popularity rating in the history of polling.

Its understandable Republicans might shy away from running on their record. So what can they do? Distract the voters by trotting out the tried and true boogey men, abortion, gays and guns. Halloween will be coming early this year.

Last week, in a shameless display of election year grandstanding, local Representatives Tom Brinkman and Jim Raussen participated in hearings on a bill they sponsored that would, among other things, attempt to make it a felony to transport a woman across state lines to have an abortion.
The Ohio Legislature has zero authority to regulate activity of any kind that crosses state lines; such a bill would only result in protracted expensive litigation that the State cannot possibly win. The entire process, including those hearings was a colossal waste of taxpayer's money.

In November, Ohio voters will have the chance to decide if they've had enough. Do they want to change direction or have more of the same? The Republicans are working diligently to change the subject, to persuade the voters to pay no attention to those men (and women) behind the curtain. The idea that 16 years of one party rule was really the product of "fake Republicans" is truly amusing. Maybe Jon Stewert's Daily Show has a spot open for Peter Bronson, he might have a whole new career ahead of him in satire it seems.

(submitted to the Enquier as a "My Turn" column but they probably won't print it, so I'll put it here)

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