Everything I Need To Know, I Learned At DL Last Night

This is the first of a weekly post that we will do where we ask everyone who attended the Drinking Liberally meeting on Tuesday night, “What did you learn?” This is an open thread where we ask that you leave your comments on discussions from the meeting last night. Of course, we have to have some ground rules.

1. In your post, please refrain from mentioning anyone by name. Blog names and nicknames are fine. If it is a guest such as a candidate, you can use their name too.
2. Be nice. We don’t want any mean-spirited comments about any of the DL members. Light-hearted quips are fine, but no mean comments are allowed.
3. Try (key word) to keep it clean. Yes, we use the occasional curse word and that’s fine – we do not have to follow FCC guidelines but descriptive acts and the over use of dirty language is just tacky.
4. When speaking of the candidates, constructive criticism or campaign suggestions are fine, but name calling and accusations are not.

I’m sure that I left out some of the ground rules discussed so if any of the DL regulars would like to chime in and lay some more rules out, please feel free to do so.

Any violation of the rules will cause your comment to be removed. Let’s play nice out there!

I’ll start it off with what I learned. Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Enjoy.

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