If you can't think for yourself, at least make sure the person thinking for you isn't a moron too

Thankfully the proposal from Iraq yesterday turned out to be little more than a hoax. For those that didn't catch it, a supposed 'top adviser' to Prime Minister Maliki stated that there was a plan being put into place that would free insurgent prisoners that had not targeted fellow Iraqis (i.e. kill Americans you're fine, kill Iraqis, sayanora).

Well the PM stepped up today and denied this was going to happen, and the adviser resigned, presumably to take a job as Karl Rove's assistant.

In the meantime, republican senators were tripping over each other running to the microphones to support this policy. My only explanation for this must be that the right is so far committed to this war that they feel they have to support every policy that arises as a result of it, no matter how sick and repulsive it is, because they believe that to do otherwise would show a lack of confidence in the whole mess.

So, if the Democrats have half a brain (Vegas currently has odds at 5-2 against this), they will push this thing to the absolute limit. They will throw the video of the senator's speeches in people's faces at every opportunity. They will continually point out that these senators supported a policy that gave Iraqi insurgents amnesty for killing American soldiers, and tried to make it sound like it was a good thing. They will show these fools for exactly what they are - a bunch of sheep completely unable to process an original or intelligent thought.

Anyone want to take bets on how the DNC fucks this one up?

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