Hiding Behind The Flag

There is an interesting article posted on, The Center For American Progress about the Constitutional Amendment to ban the burning of the flag (read it here). This non-issue issue is another attempt by the do nothing right to portray themselves as patriotic Americans but as the CFAP points out:

"Instead, many of the same conservatives in favor of the flag amendment have tried or succeeded in increasing veterans' health care costs, reducing hostile fire pay and family separation pay, closing commissaries and schools on military bases throughout our country, refusing to allow National Guard and reserve members to participate fully in the military’s Tricare Health System, and resisting an expansion of the army to reduce the significant strain on forces serving today. "
So, which is more patriotic? Protecting the men and women you send to war or chipping away at the Bill of Rights? And flag burning is not the biggest issue with disrespect to the flag. How many tattered and faded flags have you seen flapping from car windows? Do you mean to tell me that isn't disrespectful?

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