Eric Kearney Interview

No more transcribing interviews for me. This week's interview has been recorded and saved as both an mpeg file and as a wav file. We (a few DL'ers) were able to catch an impromptu interview with State Senator Eric Kearney. We conducted the interview at an outdoor restaurant in Northside. Sorry for the background noise of the sirens, and other patrons.

Eric Kearney the Democratic candidate for the 9th State Senate district. He was appointed to the position after Mark Mallory was elected Mayor of Cincinnati. You may remember Eric from his stint on WCPO's Hot Seat, where he went to to toe with Peter Bronson every Sunday.

We talked about Bowties, political consultants, healthcare, the economy and education and more.

In order to hear the interview, you can click on either one of these links:

Updated Pic of Kearney courtesy of Stan Hertzman.

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