3-days of Peace & Music

The Stills onstage at Desdemona (photo courtesy of a crappy camera phone)

It wasn’t exactly Woodstock, but the Desdemona Festival at Sawyer Point this past weekend was 3-days of great music in the heart of Cincinnati. A handful of DL regulars were on hand to witness the performances.

None of the bands were disappointing, but the DL favs were: the The Stills with their rhythmic and driving sound; Stellastarr* and their POWER power pop; The Fiery Furnaces with their very tight eclectic lyrics and arrangement; The Walkmen, whose lead singer I can only describe as if Bob Dylan and Greg Dulli had an illegitimate love child; and of course, Cincinnati’s own Heartless Bastards – one of the many great bands to come out of Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is one of the premiere places for music in the U.S. and a music showcase such as Desdemona proves that this city can attract the best in alternative artists. Many thanks go to the good people at Alchemize, City Beat, and woxy.com for their effort in sponsoring and coordinating this event.

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