WOMEN- Save the Date June 13th

Ladies do you have some sick days to use? Then plan on using one on Tuesday June 13th.
If you are sick and tired of Tom Brinkman and his right-wing friends trying to screw with your and other women's rights for safe and legal abortions in Ohio.

On Tuesday June 13th the (Ohio) House Health Committee will be be meeting in the State House, room 313 commencing at 10:00. (It's scheduled to last for several hours.) On the agenda is HB 228, the EXTREME abortion ban.

Now is the time for Ohio Women to stand up and and tell our legislature that we won't stand for this. Please consider preparing a testimony to share with the committee on the 13th.

Concerned citizens can write a letter addressed to the committee stating why they are personally opposed to an abortion ban. You can contact fieldstaff@ppao.org to ask questions or to let them know you are planning to provide such testimony. Further, if you are or know a person who has benefited from or may need a therapeutic abortion, are a medical professional, or a religious leader, your personal testimony will be critical for the committee to hear. Please contact fieldstaff@ppao.org to let them know if you are willing to testify in person or in writing. PPAO is happy to facilitate the process to make it easier for you.

NOW is the time to act! We must show the power of Ohio Women and speak out on behalf of our rights.

FYI: Tom Brinkman is running again for State Representative in November. It's time to throw the bum out. There is a fine upstanding Democrat named Steve Silver running for the seat. You can find an interview with Steve Silver in the interview archive.

One more thing, one of the other sponsors of the bill is
Rep Danny Bupb. I'm sure you remember his name from the infamous Schmidt quote about Representative Murtha.

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