Where U From?

Alberto Gonzales isn't quite sure how his grandparents got to the United States. They may be illegal, but he is just not sure. Story and video from Think Progress.

Give me a break. We're talking about his grandparents. Two people that I am sure have been involved in his life since a child. I know a lot about my grandparents because unlike Mr. Alberto (VO5, my new name for him), I guess I talked to my grandparents and listened to them.

Now, my family has been in America for Centuries but I do know that my ancestors came here as immigrants in the late 1800's from Bavaria in Germany. They arrived at Ellis Island and made their way to Cincinnati and settled here. If I know how my ancestors, who I never met arrived here, surely Mr. VO5 could tell us how his grandparents made their way here.

This is just another case of the Republicans lying to protect their agenda. There is no shame in telling everyone that your grandparents are illegal. Well, unless he's afraid of deportation.

How many of you out there can tell the story of how your family arrived? Feel free to post your comments.

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