Unrestrained voting rant

For those of you voting on the new brilliant paper ballots that Ohio is using in 2006, a word of warning: THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO THE BALLOT!

I was not aware of this, making the silly assumption that there would only be races on one side of the ballot. Whoops. I probably should have realized that something was amiss when I hadn’t voted for county commissioner yet; this is the peril of voting at 6:45.

Having said all this, in my precinct (1st congressional, 29th state) there were three races on the front side where there was no Democratic candidate. Why, pray tell, did they feel the need to put these on the front side of the ballot, leaving actual races on the back side? Just seems stupid to me.

And also, could they have made the boxes any bigger to fill in? And you can’t just x them out, you have to fill in the whole box. Who came up with this idea, Paper-Mate?

God I fucking hate Ken Blackwell.

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