Overzealous Minion

It never ceases to amaze me. Dubya talks up immigration as the plague of the nation and one of his little minions plays along just to appease his majesty.

Take Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County (our neighbor to the North). Dubya speaks of immigration and the Sheriff goes along with it and does his best to abide by the orders. The Sheriff will say the, “illegals” as he calls them, are a burden to taxpayers but has no problem spending taxpayer money posting billboards around the county warning companies not to hire undocumented workers.

He has now gone too far and arrested 18 men just for being Hispanic. He says it’s because their papers didn’t look real, but it doesn’t matter if they are or not because the sheriff does not have the authority to enforce Federal immigration laws. He can only arrest someone if they have violated a state, county, or local ordinance.

Way to be overstepping your boundary there sheriff.

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