Blog roundup

There are so many good blog posts out there today that I can't add anything to, here are a few with maybe a comment or two attached:

Glenn Greenwald: excellent analysis over the whole uproar over college commencement protests, and what they say about the anger on both sides. My opinion: I am really sick and tired of politicians on both sides using graduation speeches as stumping opportunities. When I graduated from college, we could have had Jane Pauley, or Kevin Kline, or Isiah Thomas tell us how he would destroy the CBA, mismanage the Indiana Pacers, and then turn the Knicks into the worst franchise in NBA history. But no, we got some minor politician instead. One reason I didn't walk.

MyDD: some interesting thought about why the NYT is so obsessed over the Clinton's marriage, and how it all might play out in the 2008 election. Here's a thought for the right: go ahead and run Giuliani against Hillary, then try and play the morality card. I can't wait for Rudy to explain how he was fucking his mistress with his estranged wife in the house. Go ahead, I dare ya.

TPM: a quick tidbit on the excessive interest that the republicans are taking in the raid on Rep. William Jefferson's (D) home, and how that might be just a tad more spurred on by self interest than outrage.

Firedoglake: a perfect essay on the failings of the right in healthcare, and how that refutes the whole idea that the Dems are the 'party of death'. "My name is Ramesh Ponnuru, you killed my father, prepare to die!"

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