Athletic Support

Based on some recent discussions about sports with the DL group, I have to say that I am a big supporter of sports in Cincinnati. It doesn't matter what the sport is - I will make an effort to see it at least once a season in hopes that it stays in the city.

For example, did you know that Cincinnati had an Arena Football team? The Cincinnati Marshals plays at US Bank Arena and is part of the National Indoor Football League and they are in second place in their division.

In a previous post, I mentioned that hockey is coming back to Cincinnati in the form of the Cincinnati RailRaiders. Well, hockey is coming back, it just won't be the RailRaiders. It seems that they did not meet their goal in selling season tickets. But have no fear, the Cincinnati Cyclones will be back in action this year and will play at the US Bank Arena, which is fine with me since I have been a long time Cyclones fan.

And onto college sports. There is nothing like going to a UC, Xavier, or Miami basketball game. With the quality of the college hoops in the area, I see no reason why we would need the NBA. Of course, I am partial to Miami and an added bonus for me is that they have a solid football program thanks to one Ben Rothlisberger.

If you have never been to a minor league baseball game, make sure to check out the Florence Freedom South of the city or the Dayton Dragons to the North. I believe I have some tickets for the Dragons this year, it's definitely worth the drive. The tickets are reasonable and you get to see potentially future stars of the big league.

Another one of my favorite outings would have to be the ATP Masters Series at Kings Island. Nothing like sitting courtside and seeing the best in tennis compete right in our back yard.

And there are the two professional teams: the Reds and Bengals. The Reds are off to a great start this season and we should see a great season from the Bengals (Pray for Carson Palmer).

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