In The Penalty Box For One Season

If you are a hockey fan living in Cincinnati, you have seen many hockey teams come and go. Fear not hockey fans, for hockey will return to this great city next season!

The new hockey team will be called the Cincinnati Rail Raiders. Where did the name come from? According to Rail Raiders' management, it is named after Cincinnati's long history of train systems (which is funny to me because of this Issue), and a train robbery that happened long ago in Cleves. Somehow, it has to do with hockey being, "derailed" in Cincinnati.

This made me think of other great moments in Cincinnati history that we could use to name a hockey team. Indulge me while I come up with a few:

The Cincinnati "Prudes" or "1st Amendment Busters" in honor of Larry Flynt and Robert Mapplethorpe.

The Cincinnati "Cows". It seems that the city has a big problem with runaway cows.

And my personal favorite - The Cincinnati, "Hockey In The Form Of A Mushroom Cloud" for this little gem back on October 7, 2002.

I was going to go into the origins of hockey, but I have not been able to confirm my sources.

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