The Last Cubicle On The Left

This week we will discuss a letter writing competition, why some people shouldn't be allowed to vote, and why it's better to know who your Congressman is than to be ridiculed by the guy who sits in the last cubicle on the left.

Letters To The Editor
In the past, I have posted some of the letters that Teddy Bear boy has written to Cincinnati Enquirer. The thoughts that I express in my post, are what I actually say to him. Several weeks ago, I made him promise that the next time he has an urge to write to the Enquirer, he will let me know. The agreement is that he will let me know what issue he plans to write about and I will write on the same issue. This is an experiment into what the Cincinnati Enquirer will and will not print. I will keep you posted on the results.

The Scream
Once again Teddy Bear boy seems to have an intelligent argument as to why he is not a Democrat. How can I argue this point?

Howard Dean is insane. I asked Teddy Bear boy how he came to that conclusion (considering who he voted for in 2004). “He screamed. That makes him insane” he said. This letter from, “Ask Auntie Pinko” seemed fitting enough to send to him and hopefully will answer his question and maybe, just maybe make him think about his own views. In particular, this line from the letter:

“Very few Americans (and, shockingly, very few journalists) seem to deem it worthwhile to do any in-depth research at all on primary sources to form a picture of a candidate for office.”

And speaking of the above, Teddy Bear boy has what I believe, some serious form of ADD (or perhaps it’s just ED). I often ask why he voted for Bush in 2004. It’s obvious that this administration is incompetent (or perhaps it’s just ED), so what is it about Bush that makes you feel secure? What was the answer this particular day? "Because Kerry looks like the guy in Re-Animator." That’s right folks, the intelligent people on the right base their presidential selection on whether or not a candidate resembles someone in a horror flick. Based on the op-ed from today, I think that we all know who is more presidential.

Congressman DeWine
Mr. Pro-war-religious-right-wing-nut-job and I were having a conversation the other day and I asked him who his Congressman was. He said, “DeWine is my Congressman.” My reply, “No, DeWine is a Senator.” “No, Voinovich is my Senator”, he replied. So, I had to explain to him that each state has two Senators and no, the state is not divided North or South but that the two Senators serve all of the people in the state. By the way Mr. Pro-war-religious-right-wing-nut-job, you live in the 8th district and your Congressman is John Boehner. You may have heard of him, he is what they call the House Majority Leader.

My plea to everyone – try to avoid looking like a conservative. Find out who represents you in the House and the Senate! Find out today! And write to them and let them know your opinion. They are there to represent you!

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