Another Day At The Office - With My Wing Nut Co-Worker

Yes, he has done it again. He wrote another letter to the editor and yes, the Cincinnati Enquirer published it on Saturday. This letter was so ignorant and so offensive that I resorted to one knee-jerk comment to him.

That comment was, "You're a fucking idiot!" Yes, I said that and I stand by it and after you read the following, you will agree.

Here is the letter, as printed in the Enquirer:

It is appalling for a so-called reverend and others to use the funeral of Coretta Scott King to take some political shots. If black people are oppressed and exploited in this day and age in America, it is because the Democratic Party has kept them that way to keep their voting base in line. Most people would have more class and moral fiber than to use a funeral service in such a self-serving way. I guess the Kings didn't get their message across to some people.

Several things that you need to know:
1. He did not even know the name of the reverend that he was referring to (it was Rev. Joseph Lowry).
2. I mentioned that these are the same tactics used after the Wellstone funeral. He could not tell me who Paul Wellstone was.
3. He did not watch any of the funeral and does not even know what was said. He gets his information from the usual suspects.
4. He doesn't find anything offensive about the second sentence in his letter. In fact, he doesn't find anything offensive in his letter.

Special note to The Cincinnati Enquirer:
I'm sure that you get a lot of letters to the editor, but you chose to print this one. Really? I mean, REALLY?

Please by all means leave your comments and sympathies for me.

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