An (Im)modest Proposal: Sexing Up DLCinci

On the Marketplace Morning Report, I heard that that the most heavily searched sites are, you guessed it, "adult-oriented."

Let's be honest, sex sells. Even the Repubs who got their tighty whiteys in a wad over Monicagate use sex to sell their agenda. Look at the female anchors on Fox News. They wouldn't look out of place on the cover of Maxim. And have you noticed that all the female right-wing pundits have a penchant for blonde hair and miniskirts?

So let's get Simon Leis' blood boiling and sex up Drinking Liberally! Here are some suggestions:

- Doing It on the Diebold: Voting Volunteers Reveal All!

- Hot pictorals of Ohio Dem candidates

- Canvassing Confessions

- DL Girls Gone Wild video

- Arty yet erotic Abercrombie & Fitch-style layouts of all the DL men

- More dirty talk from Paul Hackett

Any other ideas?

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