Wes Clark in the 'natti

Yesterday Wes Clark descended on Cincinnati much as the snowstorm did. He had two events back to back. First he spoke at the University of Cincinnati to a room of 60-70 people. They were old, young, woman, man. Many veterans turned out to hear him speak. He was a little late making it to U.C. because he was doing an interview with the Cincinnati paper that must not be named.

ODP Chair Chris Redfern filled the time aptly. He stated that he had visited 33 counties since he took office in December. Hey Chris, only 55 more to go! He asked people to become involved and join the ODP victory squads. He said that he plans on doing house parties to help raise money for the party. Sign me up! I would throw a party for Chris. He is the best thing to happen to the statewide party in years. Don't let me down Chris.

Redfern ran down the list of Presidential hopefuls that will be visiting Ohio in the next month or two. He finished with the pieste resistance, the ODP is hopeful that President Clinton will be the featured speaker at their yearly dinner/ fundraiser. Redfern added that their hope is that Senator Clinton will accompany him.

Redfern fielded questions from the crowd. Maybe not the best thing to do in Cincinnati, a month after the Party showed Hackett the door. Someone asked Redfern about the Hackett deal. Redfern tapped danced around the question, trying to infer that he and Hackett were friendly. (I don't think so.)

Redfern introduced the candidates in attendance and pointed out Air Force veteran Connie Pillich who is running for State Representative. He mistakenly called her a Navy veteran, which she promptly corrected him on. He did plead that he had been given bad information, as he held up the note that listed Connie as a Navy vet. He declared that his brother too served in the Airforce.

Wes Clark eventually apperated and jumped right into his speech. You could tell he is an intelligent man. He was much better in person than on TV. (Isn't that always the case?) He talked about a great many things, the economy, energy, the environment, port security, early childhood education, smaller schools, but the thing that caught my ear was that we have to get the message out on a personal level. He said it has to be neighbor-to-neighbor, churchgoer-to-churchgoer, coworker-to-coworker, and schoolmate-to-schoolmate. (I've been saying this, and youcan never hear it to much.)

Clark fielded questions from the audience and then Redfern asked people to come up and talk to Clark individually. Then it was off to a fundraiser at the Westin. Another speech, although abbreviated. At the fundraiser local candidates got their chance to take pictures with Wes Clark and Redfern. I got to meet a member of the democratic underground and we exchanged info. Hopefully a DL-DU meet-up will result.

Want a pronouncement on Clark? Look elsewhere. Decide for your self. All I have to say is that my search for a democratic presidential candidate is not over. Keep tuned for the next installment.

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