Poll of the week

This first edition of poll of the week focuses on our favorite thing: Republican criminals! But now you have to make a value judgment. Who's your favorite? Think hard before you make this vote. Here's some info to make you more informed about the candidates:

  • David Safavian – former Administration of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy that provided special favors to lobbyists (he also used to work for Jack Abramoff…hmm)
  • Gale Norton - former Secretary of the Interior that facilitated much of the illegal lobbying favors from Jack Abramoff. Speaking of…
  • Jack Abramoff – enough said
  • Tom DeLay – recipient of enough bribes and special favors to fund small economies
    Duke Cunningham – currently serving 8 years for accepting over $8 million in bribes and favors
  • Claude Allen – former assistant to the president, arrested for scheming to steal thousands from Target, and then blaming it on his twin brother
  • Bill Frist – currently under investigation for insider trading
  • James Tobin – former Northeast director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, convicted of conspiring to jam Democratic phone banks on Election Day 2002
  • Karl Rove – suspected of being involved in the releasing the name of a covert CIA agent. Also, he’s a douchebag…
  • Scooter Libby – indicted in the conspiracy to release Valerie Plame’s name

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