A pioneer retires

(Updated, based on comment. Added a mea culpa at the end.)

The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a key figure in the civil rights movement,
delivered his last sermon before retiring from the ministry. He moved to Cincinnati in 1962, apparently. I had no idea.

During the sermon, he said, "We are too quick to look for exaltations." Somehow, it sounds very appropriate for the times. Maybe, we should send that sermon to Mr. Mission Accomplished.

Here are a couple of now-and-then pictures.

The Rev. Shuttlesworth in 2006. AP.

Riding the bus in 1956. Via al.com/unseen

With MLK Jr. Via al.com/unseen

Update: Until I saw this comment by Anonymous, I didn't know about his involvement in the campaign to preserve the abhorrent Article 12. Had I researched this more carefully, I think the tone of my post would have been slightly different. My bad. Nonetheless, I applaud his contributions to the civil rights movement. About his opposition to civil rights for gays, I have mixed feelings. Rather than make me angry, it makes me sad that he cannot see the bigotry in Article 12 and how this struggle for equal rights for gays is just as just as the movement he championed decades ago. A generational thing, perhaps?

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