Of puppets and puppeteers

If you think Bush and Cheney are alike, you couldn't be more wrong. Cheney controls the strings from behind the scenes and, when the shit hits the fan, insists those stains on the wall are actually figments of your imagination. Bush, on the other hand, tells you the stains are necessary to spread democracy, freedom and liberty, and that anyone who doesn't like the stains is in support of the terrorists. While Cheney "dismisses," Bush "defends."

So in the spirit of my recent post about Cheney, here's a run down of some instances where Bush has demanded you be for the stains.

And this is just a partial list.

So let's see. He defends his miserable self, his failed policies, his disastrous decisions, his corrupt corporate buddies, his sycophant henchmen ... The list goes on and on.

George W. Bush: Busy defending everyone but you.

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