Get another star ready for the flag

So, Bush says that withdrawal from Iraq will be up to future Presidents? Does that mean he is leaving office early or are we not going to see any movement in that direction for 3 more years? Got imperialism?

I would like to know where the outrage is!!! I know we see plenty of outrage, but where is the conservative condemnation of this misguided policy? Where is the military outrage over an openended deployment that has been so devastating and pointless? Where is the outrage from those devastated by natural disasters, who see billions, even trillions, of dollars being spent in Iraq when they could be so useful here in the States?

I know, those voices are out there. But, the media act as if the doubters of the war are only part of a lunatic fringe of the progressive movement. Have people only turned against this war because it has been more difficult than expected? Is that the reason for the war approval dropping below 30%? Do we still hold onto the myth of Manifest Destiny, and believe that America can do no wrong? We need to hold Bush accountable, not only for waging a terrible war, but for his tragically misguided policy of preemption, misuse of intelligence, and bellicose rhetoric that recalls the nationalism of the 1930s.

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