Local wankery

I'm tired of people like this moron, Dr. Nebert. This wanker's letter to the Crapquirer's "Other voices" section begins with "I agree with Peter Bronson's assessment ..." So, I'm not surprised the Crapquirer published this ejaculation of Nebert's. Just google "Nebert Bronson," and you'll see that Nebert is a right wing shill who happens to have "Dr." in front of his name and that he is a regular writer to the Crapquirer. But he's no expert on homosexuality; rather he's a homophobe who tries to pass of his opinion as fact. You know he has no leg to stand on when he uses phrases like "is likely" and "most likely." It's prof talk for "I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about, so I'm going to make shit up and hope no one notices." Trust me on this one.


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