State of the Onion Address: a question of truthiness

Wait, my eyes are still tearing from the state of the onion address, sniffle, sniffle ;)

So, I declare, where are we in this state of truthiness? Did we not hear the words evil, threat, terriorism and freedom, ten times? If it weren't for the Bush Bingo at Mulligan's, I would have either fallen asleep or spilled my cookies.

It was however, a delight to see Another Dem and Richie Blackmore. Several drinking liberally chums brightened our evening. Where were you Grammar Queen?

When he welcomed a family of one of the fallen, I thought he was going to announce Cindy Sheehan. But no, he decided to exploit a lesser known hero and his family.

And his rap on the competitive advantage was a ruse to take our minds off the escalating deficit.

The only thing worse was our luke warm democratic response. Where was Al Franken when we needed him? On a conference call with Howard Dean at Mulligan's and house parties around the U.S.

Was anyone else underwhelmed?

Screw you guys I'm going home...."Eric Cartmen, South Park

And your designated driver...put down that bud and get in the car

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