The Mental State Of The Union... The Aftermath

Welcome to my world once again. You may want to put on a helmet in case you get the urge to bang your head against the wall.

My coworker received an email from the Enquirer yesterday inviting him to write a follow up to his letter on the state of the union. The email stated to write a letter about how he felt the state of the union speech went and if it met his expectations. The email went on to say, "It's not necessary to wait until the end of the state of the union address to submit it. Feel free to submit your letter before the state of the union address begins." What? They want his opinion on if the address met his expectations, but he can submit it prior to the address? Two things come to mind when I heard this: the Enquirer obviously thinks that since his position is that strong (and whacked out) that it doesn't matter if it is before or after, or the Enquirer really doesn't give a shit. I choose the latter.

I received the link to his letter this morning. It is titled, "Toward A Responsible Debate". And speaking of a responsible debate, that is exactly what I attempted to have with him this morning. He truly does not see a problem with a domestic spying program. I tried to compare what Bush is doing to what Nixon did (Nixon was baby shit compared to this guy) and I once again asked if he knew about FISA and why we have such laws in place. Did not understand. I tried to get him to understand that taking away our right to privacy is no different than the government taking away his precious guns. Still nothing.

And then, there was a little twinkle in his eye and that crazy smirk on his face (if you worked with him, you would know what I'm talking about). I thought that I may have got through to him. Instead, he told me, "The Enquirer left out the last sentence of my letter." "Oh really, what was it?" I asked. The last sentence read, "Obviously she is pandering for the terrorist vote."

The GOP: Divorced from reality and still blaming Clinton.

To be fair he did agree that we need to do something about our oil dependence. I asked him if he thought that this president would do something about it. He didn't answer.

He mentioned something about spreading Democracy being a good thing. I said that giving people the right to vote in an area of the world that hates us doesn't mean that they will have the kind of Democracy that we want, just look at the Palestine elections.

And there you have it. Just another day working with a right wing nut job.

You can take the helmet off now.

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