Presidential Candidates

Grif's last post got me thinking about viable candidates for the Dem nomination. Who should it be? I know there has been support for John Edwards and, of course, there is always the threat of another John Kerry run. I personally think that Hillary Clinton is losing support and really pissing off a large part of the left with her ambiguous positions.

I would like to talk more about my hometown senator, Russ Feingold. I think he would have more "mainstream" appeal than someone like Kucinich, and be taken more seriously, as well.

Nevertheless, he is a true progressive, with strong positions, who could not be labeled a "flip-flopper". He risked political suicide by being the only senator to vote against the original Patriot Act. That stance now is being applauded even by some conservatives. In many other ways he has shown his desire to protect Americans' civil liberities, such as his inquiries into the domestic surveillance program. He was the first senator to propose a withdrawal timeline from Iraq.

He also has shown tremendous willingness and ability to work in a bipartisan manner. He worked with John McCain on campaign finance reform. He has also worked with Chuck Hagel and Arlen Specter, among others.

Naturally, Feingold would have trouble winning anywhere in the South, but all it would take is picking up Ohio or Florida, which I think would be quite likely. He would have a stranglehold on the upper Midwest, and maintain the East and West Coast. I actually really like his chances. Plus, he is someone I can be proud of supporting.

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