Personal accountability, if you are poor

This is not very surprising...

Last year, the Repukes pushed legislation changing the bankruptcy laws, citing personal responsibility and accountability as reasons for this "necessary" change.

Apparently it has not turned out how they envisioned. This is what drives me crazy about these freaks. What was the rush to push this legislation? In my mind, reasons to change laws include a) an industry is in trouble, b) citizens are being hurt by the current arrangement, and c)the public good. I realize that these are interrelated but you get the point.

So, what industry is being protected? The credit card industry? The same industry that has grown at record speed at the expense of people who were lured into credit debt and now have trouble paying the ridiculous fees that are charged by these companies. Those same fees helped the financial giants explosive growth. Why are they in trouble? What is the rush to help them?

The citizens? Are they being helped? The argument is that responsible citizens are being hurt by bankruptcies. But, as we can see, most bankruptcies are not just deadbeats trying to unload debt.

So, how does this help the public good? Rates are going down because of decrease in bankruptcies? Yeah!!! If you believe that, Ted Stevens has a bridge in Alaska he wants to sell you. Profits will go up, which will line the pockets of the rich investors and, once again be borne on the backs of the poor and unfortunate.

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