Why you might want the Steelers to win tomorrow

Check out this bet that mayor Mark Mallory has made with the mayor of Pittsburgh.

First of all, it's pretty clear that Mallory hasn't done this sort of thing before, because the losing mayor is supposed to do something for the winning mayor.

Secondly, has Mark really thought this through? With things the way they are downtown, does he really want to 'show off' the area? How's this going to play out?

Here's a pile of dirt. It's where we're going to put The Banks. We just lost our 17th developer for the project, but we'll get city council and the county commissioners to agree on something by 2025.

To your left is Great American Ballpark. Sure, it's not as nice as the one you have, and we don't have the neighborhood around it like yours does, but we're pretty proud of it for what little we had to spend on it. Plus it's crammed up right next to US Bank Arena, which is good if kids have tickets to a Backstreet Boys concert after a Reds game.

Oh, and that next stadium on your left, that's where we kicked your ass in January. But lucky you, you get a prime seat to watch a game there.

As we go through Over-The-Rhine, you can see we're having trouble getting businesses back down here. But we think once we let people drink in the streets that will all change. Eventually we plan on just giving the whole area to Nick Spencer.

Ooh, let's swing by Mirror Lake, you can get a great view of part of our skyline...and see everything Northern Kentucky has built up.

Hopefully the Bengals win, but man, I can't see this being a good thing for the city. Why couldn't he just bet a case of ribs for a case of IC Light (or some Primanti sandwiches, that's some good stuff).

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