Justice Sunday III: Boogaloo's Revenge

It’s time for another Justice Sunday sequel. Justice Sunday III will be held this Sunday in Philadelphia. Once again, the fundies will scare their followers into believing that America is in trouble because of what they call, “activist” judges. They want their followers to believe that if these, “activist” judges get their way, you will be hauled away if you mumble, “God” in a public place.

What is an, “activist” judge anyway? To most of us, it is a judge that follows their own agenda and makes decisions based on their personal beliefs which ironically, is what the religious right wants in a judge as long as the judge’s beliefs follow their own faith.

And what a coincidence it is that Justice Sunday III comes at the same time of the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito. Be prepared to hear a lot of great things about Samuel Alito (none are mentioned here). All in all, it’s just another attempt by the right-wing ideologues to push their agenda through by disguising it as a, “Christian value.”

If it’s inspiration that you are looking for this Sunday, may I suggest this movie?

There are better things for me to do this weekend like watch the playoffs. I plan on waiting until Monday night to get the full report on Justice Sunday from Jon Stewart.

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