Screw-up Menu

Excuse me, but who exactly did UC president Nancy Zimpher pay to get a dish named after her at Jeff Ruby's Precinct? She's been here not even two years and has done nothing to distinguish herself other than alienate half of the alumni. If you want to honor a college president, why not Xavier's, or Joseph Steger? Granted the dish sounds quite tasty, but I'm not inclined to 'eat Nancy'. Besides, if Jeff wanted to name a dish after her, this one is more appropriate:

Steak Zimpher is a $30, 16 ounce steak. However, after you order it, Nancy takes over the restaurant and turns it into an all-vegetarian menu because she's concerned more about providing healthy meals than about feeding people what they want to eat. Your steak will now be a 16 ounce block of tofu. However, you will still be expected to pay the $30, and will be condemned by the ownership as being anti-heart health if you do not pledge your full support of the restaurant and continue to pay premium prices for vegan meals.

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