Drinking Liberally - 1/10/06

“The Republican Party’s symbol, the elephant, represents the astounding memory of people who, if you say anything bad about them, file it away in a Rolodex of spite, and then trample you to death.” – from America: The Calendar, by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Hi all,

Last week was a great start to the new year. We had a very good turnout with lots of great conversation, both political and otherwise. Plus we learned who Brother Theodore was, and you don’t get that at Republican gatherings. This week we will be at our usual establishment, The Comet at 4579 Hamilton Ave., on Tuesday, January 10th, starting at 7:30. They have over 100 beers (I recommend the Arrogant Bastard Ale in honor of our president), and burritos so good you’ll accept paid political favors to get your hands on one.

There’s plenty to discuss this week, so here’s some thoughts to get us going:

  • Have you returned the money you received from Jack Abramoff?
  • How embarrassed are you to be from the same state as John Boehner, who wants to replace Tom DeLay when he took money from the same people that got this whole scandal started in the first place?
  • What will you be doing to celebrate the first day of Alito’s SCOTUS nomination hearings?
  • Do you know anyone crazier than Pat Robertson, and if so can you bring him/her along this week?
  • What local Republican politician would you like to purchase the cell phone records of (I’ll go with Si Leis)?
  • Random thought: have you seen Brokeback Mountain? Thumbs up, thumbs down, other?

If you haven’t been out with the group before, this is a great time to come out and have a few with the group. After all, one of our regulars is likely to be wearing head to toe Longhorn burnt orange. You can’t miss that, can you?

Hope to see you on Tuesday!

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