Brain Dead to U.S.

Should we consider adding a brain dead to U.S. list to the blog? Will this ANNOY someone?

Last night D.L. members put an idea on the table for us to venture in the same waters as Bill O'Reilly and Colbert. We put our own spin to this.

Brain Dead to U.S. would be our enemies list. If we refer to them in a post it is proposed we label them the "undearly departed". Can we come up with a better line?

Candidates for this list are: Ann Coulter, why, you ask, should she be considered brain dead? See Nattie's post on 12/30/05 titled: Ann Coulter, hot or not. Heimlich and Dewine, the plotting duo who are trying to dismantle Hamilton County one piece at a time, always refer to them in the same breath. Lastly our old friend, Jean Schmidt, who, do I have to remind you, embarrassed the second district on the floor of Congress in November. Evidently she didn't realize 1) there are cameras in Congress, 2) she needs to understand what she says on the floor of the congress and 3) her district does not support the "War" in Iraq. I would also like to say that she bears a striking resemblence to the Sparkle Motion Lady in Donnie Darko. Jean, I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Please add more if you wish. Be sure to include some of their most offensive crimes.

The other list is our ON Notice list. Candidates for this list are: Congressman Boehner, who is keeping $27,500 that he got from the Abramoff debacle, but still thinks he should be the majority leader; the Enquirer, a paper whose editorial section leans so far to the right it needs a chiropractor's help to get balanced. The Enquirer's saving grace, I understand, is the Sports Section. Please add more if you wish, be sure to include why they are on the list and why they are only on notice.

Have fun adding to the list!

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