I'm on a Boat!

It's official. Reason.tv has announced they are organizing a cruise for their libertarian leaning followers. One of the groups excited about this cruise is the Sea-steading Community as indicated by their blog post with this amazing video.

The Sea-steading Institute, started by Milton Friedman's grandson, Patri, is dedicated to developing a way for the secular far right to live out their ideals. These individuals have decided that the only way they can get away with not paying taxes to any government is to set up their own flotilla of like-minded individuals who would work together to move out into international waters. These persons are especially excited about this Reason.tv cruise as they are discovering that "converting cruise ships may be [the] best option for establishing near-term, ocean-stable settlements."

Wait, a group of like minded individuals living together outside of the bounds of normal society??? Where have I heard that before. Oh yeah, living on commune. So maybe the left and the right have more in common than we thought. Once you move far enough to each extreme, the only way to actually live your politics is to cut yourself off from the rest of our society and live on a commune/ship.

Well then, I wish the sea-steaders best of luck on their endeavors and hope they are adept and fighting off pirates. Who knows, as I keep moving farther to the left, maybe one day we'll each have our own set of political utopian ships that pass in the night in international waters.

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