That pesky reality gets in the way of politics

The republicans in the Ohio state house introduced a measure recently to eliminate the Ohio state tax over a 10 year period. It's highly unlikely to pass, given that the Democrats control the state house.

But, if it were to pass, everyone would be thrilled, because no one likes paying taxes, right?

[Toledo] Mayor Mike Bell yesterday condemned an idea to eliminate the state income tax, which he said would cost the city up to $18 million a year.

The city of Toledo began 2010 with a $48 million deficit that was balanced after implementing a combination of cuts, revenue enhancements, and employee concessions.
Hmmm. So he's saying that cities like Toledo need the proceeds from state taxes to help balance their budgets, which are already strained and kept in the black only by cutting services and employee salaries/benefits. Who knew that tax revenues went towards useful purposes?

If this sounds familiar, it should. A few weeks back, when I looked at the candidacy of Mike Wilson, I saw that the 10 year elimination of the tax is part of his (and republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich's) platform. And, as with his view that the estate tax should be eliminated, municipalities are not too pleased with the idea of getting rid of these taxes, because they depend on these revenues to keep city hall running, and to provide services for its citizens.

No one loves paying taxes. Some of us just realize that, if you want to get services, you have to pay for them.

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