Cincinnati Pride Controversy

Cincinnati is poised to hold it's annual gay pride event, Equinox Cincinnati, this weekend. This annual event is surround by criticism and controversy, but this time it comes from an unexpected source, the local gay community.

For the first time in several years, the local pride event will be moving out of Northside and instead be focused on fountain square and the bars downtown. The location change alone was enough to start up feelings of discontent as reported by Citybeat back in January, but other accusations about the lack of inclusiveness by the organizers have surfaced. A member of a local troop of drag kings has been highly critical of the Gay Chamber of Commerce and their handling of the festival complaining about the lack of inclusion of "visibly queer folks, trans folks, and people of color". The writer, Jaq, continues and, in summary, accuses the organizers on being too focused on business and not on community.

The organizers of Equinox Cincinnati have responded with a lengthy message on Facebook explaining their side of the issues. Much of their explanation tends to focus on the fact that this event is organized and run by a small group of inexperienced volunteers.

Whether this week's event is a success or failure, the debate it has sparked will surely continue for months to come. Has the local pride organizers become dominated by wealthy and middle class white male business owners and thus changed their focus? Is the local pride community neglecting a neighborhood that has been very supportive for many years?

Even though Cincy's pride celebration is happening outside of pride month, lets celebrate with a great analysis of pride month from Infomania:

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