Free advice for the Dems

Better get prepared to deal with this as the new media meme:

Jill Abramson, the managing editor for [the New York Times] news, agreed with [NYT editor Clark Hoyt] that the paper was “slow off the mark,” and blamed “insufficient tuned-in-ness to the issues that are dominating Fox News and talk radio.” She and Bill Keller, the executive editor, said last week that they would now assign an editor to monitor opinion media and brief them frequently on bubbling controversies. Keller declined to identify the editor, saying he wanted to spare that person “a bombardment of e-mails and excoriation in the blogosphere.”
Yes, this is something that should be a much bigger concern for the Times. Don't hire editors for the purpose of doing things like...ummm, editing, or silly tasks like "fact checking and determining whether something is newsworthy or not. No, much better to go out and get a young, enterprising conservative newsroom guy to monitor the wingnut right (to be safe, you might want to hire someone that comes from a long line of republicans, since you can't come out and ask about political affiliations in the interview process).

Come to think of it, the Washington Post tried something similar to this three years ago. I believe his name was Ben Domenech. From what I can remember, it did not go so well.

Nevertheless, they better be prepared to deal with the fact that Fox News is basically getting its own news bureau now.

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